• Bachelors of Science in Applied Exercise Science,

   Springfield College, Springfield, MA


• NASM Certified Personal Trainer


• Weight Management Specialist


• Sports Performance Cardio Specialist

Anthony Tedesco offers services and expertise in weight loss, sports performance, contest preparation, bodybuilding and fitness and figure competitions.

Growing up obese, I spent the first half of my life struggling with body image issues, and the poor self-esteem that came along with them, daily. As young as 11 years old, I remember looking in the mirror and absolutely loathing what I saw, leading me to begin making lifestyle changes, mainly by mimicking things I heard adults do and say. “No fried food, don’t drink soda, exercise more, etc.” It took losing 50 pounds while simultaneously growing three inches by my freshman year of high school to realize I never wanted to be “skinny.” In fact, I HATED it as much as I despised my overweight former self. Now the image staring back at me was the same insecure boy, just left with a smaller version of the same flabby stomach but with tiny arms and boney shoulders - not exactly quite what I envisioned “getting in shape” would look and feel like. This is because I wasn’t “in shape.” I was weak, lacked any muscle tone, and most importantly my mind certainly wasn’t where it needed to be yet (and that must be developed first and foremost).


What began as after school trips to my best friend’s (R.I.P. MYLES VICTOR GOSSELIN) basement, where he and I followed the instruction of his father using an old weight set, eventually lead to me joining my first gym. The rest is history. By senior year I weighed the same as I did as a freshman, but my waist had gone from 36 to 28 inches. Although still “small” by bodybuilding standards, I looked athletic and healthy. It was around this time that I realized, despite having just been accepted to the top three business schools in the Northeast (and arguably the country) for marketing, fitness was my true passion and something I wanted to pursue full-time. My then guidance counselor told me of a college renowned for its dedication to health and physical fitness. It was then I applied, was accepted to, and decided on Springfield College SIGHT UNSEEN.


Springfield College gave me the opportunity to further my bodybuilding alongside my education and for the first time I had “peers” (aside from my aforementioned best friend who passed away just two weeks prior to me leaving for school) with similar goals and interests. In the spring of 2008, I entered three natural bodybuilding shows. I was hooked enough to withstand yet another rigorous period of diet and training to take the stage again the following April, while also beginning to work for a personal training company that many area gyms outsourced to. It was around this time I had a change of heart and decide to transfer to the University of Bridgeport for the fall 2009 semester, where I had enrolled in the pre-Chiropractic program. Meanwhile, a close bodybuilding friend of mine had just been accepted into the UB Chiropractic School. Sharing this newfound direction, we rented a house near campus and became both roommates and training partners.


I only lasted one semester at Bridgeport before realizing I made a huge mistake in transferring and that Springfield College was truly a perfect fit for me. However, this move wasn’t entirely in vain. By training and living with another bodybuilder, I now truly looked the part of a competitive bodybuilder in that I was bigger and leaner than ever before. I took the spring 2010 semester off from school and focused on training for my first ever NPC competition that June and simultaneously starting what is now my very successful coaching and training business, as well as getting everything in order to return to Springfield College that fall.


I spent the next two years taking the remaining courses and labs I had left, interning, and competed during the summer of 2011 three more times . I ended the season with a Juniors class win at the Musclemania Empire States. My client load grew alongside my accomplishments academically and within the sport of Bodybuilding and everything was falling into place. However, after finally obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Springfield in the spring of 2012, I once again started to have a change of heart and began investing the money I had saved from training clients into my newfound passion for nightlife by taking ownership in both a bar and nightclub.


Despite still maintaining a steady client base during this time, I watched my own physique slowly unravel over the following 3 years and bodybuilding became nothing more than a piece of past. By the fall of 2015, I was disgusted with the man staring back at me in the mirror.  This was the first time I felt this way since childhood. My diet was awful, training sporadic, sleep habits terrible at best, and I found myself drinking heavily (I was straight-edge sober up until 2012). Not only had I invested everything into the nightlife endeavors,  I had nothing to fall back on beyond my now very small income from training (as I kept downsizing more and more to focus on the failing other businesses). Here I was, having gone from a rockstar lifestyle (which distracted me from my fading physique at the time) to having nothing but an iron will to regain the life I lived since I first made those lifestyle changes as an 11 year old boy up until getting derailed from my own goals.


That fall, I completely shut the door to the three year chapter that had broken me back down to nothing, leaving me with the task of needing to complete my greatest self-transformation to date. This time it wasn’t just getting my body in shape, but my health back, beating the addiction I had developed to a “fast” lifestyle, rebuilding my personal training business to its highest level yet, AND I decided might as well get on stage again for the first time since 2011 for good measure. I knew that with my education and mind that was slowly returning to its former state from the haze of three years of poor decision making, if there was anyone who could pull this off it was me.


From a sloppy 265 pounds, I began taking all of the necessary steps to not only resurrect the “old” Anthony Tedesco, but create the best one yet. On June 4, 2016 I presented my biggest, most conditioned physique to date at the NPC Atlantic States (the show I had my eye on back in 2012 before falling off) and placed in both the Novice and Open Heavyweight classes! Now, if you took the time to read all of that, chances are you can see exactly why I am so talented at what I do. In just 27 years on this earth, I have walked in many different shoes, and chances are that at point, you and I have been one in the same. This is what allows me to connect so well with such a wide variety of individuals, all hailing from very different walks of life, each with their own unique bodies and goals. Combine this common ground with an extreme sense of compassion, a phenomenal education, and over a decade of experience and I can promise you the healthiest, most encouraging, and safest guidance in achieving your health and fitness aspirations. Allow me to change your life, as I have my own and those of so many over the years.  I guarantee you will never look back other than to see how far you’ve come.

If you are interested in any of the training/dietary plans listed below, email me by
One-Time Meal Plan w/ FREE update • I will construct an entire day’s eating regimen for you based on your age, gender, height, weight, genetic factors, and food preferences (and allergies/medical conditions if applicable) • This includes exactly what to eat, when (I build the plan around your schedule to make it as convenient as possible), and portion size to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be • I also compose a list of key notes to make meals taste better, prep easier, and cooking suggestions • Included is one free update (within 30 days of receiving the plan) should you have any concerns or changes need to be made $150
12-Week/16-Week One-On-One Wellness Coaching • These are my packages best suited for those who are truly serious about getting in the best shape of their lives! • They include all of the above, but instead of just a one-time update, we will work together daily to keep you on track and constantly making progress towards achieving your goals! • Included is UNLIMITED TEXT/EMAIL SUPPORT, as well as however many changes, revisions, or even completely re-written plans it takes to come closer to achieving your goals! • You will also check in with me once a week by email with updated pictures and feedback. This is so I can closely monitor your progress and address any/all concerns and/or questions you may have. • If you are someone who really needs that extra push or person to hold you accountable than I STRONGLY suggest one of these two options $600 (12 Weeks) $700 (16 Weeks)
One-Time Training Routine w/ FREE update (Cardiovascular & Weights) • I will write a custom exercise program designed to help you reach your goals, taking into account genetic factors, current conditioning, prior training experience, and any injuries/medical conditions/disabilities if applicable • This includes exactly what to train, when, how long to rest, which exercises to perform, and how many reps and sets of each • I also compose a list of key notes to intensify workouts and adjust form for ultimate effectiveness • Included is one free update (within 30 days of receiving the plan) should you have any concerns or changes need to be made $150
One-time Meal Plan and Training Routine w/ FREE update (FREE supplement recommendations) • Includes all of the above in addition to a comprehensive list of which dietary supplements can best help you to achieve your goals, as well as when to take them, and how much of each. $300
Competition Preparation • I also offer packages for those who currently compete or are considering physique sport competition. With close to a decade of experience in bodybuilding competition myself, as well as coaching clients in various divisions & organizations, let me take the guesswork out of prepping for a show. If you are someone interested in having me coach you, please contact me using the form on this site to schedule a consultation. Offseason/improvement season guidance also available!



• Anthony Corso, Age 32, Pennsylvania Anthony is the most comprehensive and complete life and fitness coach I've hired. I trained seriously for over 8 years, but didn't understand that I was "plateaued" because I was unwilling to get another perspective on things. In the three months I've been working with Anthony, I feel this is the best I've ever looked. More importantly, I feel the knowledge he helped me gain will stick with me forever. I wish I could explain to people that they can spend as much on protein and supplements as they want, but in reality bringing Anthony aboard has furthered my fitness more than anything. In one quick sentence people can understand..."Anthony really 'dialed' it in for me!"
• Germaine Paul, Age 29, Texas Anthony is more than a lifestyle, weight loss, and contest prep coach. He's a mentor and friend who truly wants you to be successful in whatever goals you want to achieve. He's there for you to provide you 24/7 support for questions and motivation. Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, he doesn't give you cookie cutter plans that people sell online. He calls you and wants to get to know you as a person. He gathers your health and weight loss history, work schedule, and lifestyle. He's truly a body engineering genius. With his help, I gained 20+ pounds of lean quality muscle through his understanding of how my body best responds to foods, as well as certain training techniques. If you're looking for someone to take you to the next level and put you first before all else, then Anthony is your man.
• Todd Schroeder, Age 24, Connecticut I'll never forget July 12, 2016 when I texted Anthony my crazy vision after meeting him at Powerhouse Gym only a couple days before. I debated DMing him, due to the intimation factor. However, I couldn’t be happier for send thing that DM and becoming a part of Team Antabolic. I told Anthony I wanted to do a show, but that I never competed before. Obviously, coaches are used to having people tell them they want to prep for a show. What's different about my request was I told him I wanted to prep for a show no if, ands, or buts. The show would only be 11.5 weeks from that moment he received the text. Seeing how an average prep of an already in shape and experienced bodybuilder is normally 16-20 weeks, I thought for sure Anthony would laugh in my face, try and change my mind, or persuade me to do something more practical for my first show. However, this was 100% not the case. I explained to him the sentimental motive I for this show. I promised him that as long as I had an individual behind me who had all the faith in the world in me and would help me nutritionally, mentally, and physically I would give back nothing in return but my crazy disciplined work ethic. He could tell how bad I wanted this and that EXACT day he sent me everything and we were under way. October 1st would be the transformation of my life. Three months later, here I am writing this a Champion not in the sense of being the best on stage, but a Champion in the sense that I conquered what I had set out to do. This was something that most people thought I couldn’t do, something most people doubted that I could do, and something that the majority of the population looks at as crazy and insane. Walking away with a trophy and the physique of a Greek god was great and all, but nothing can top the fact of the MAN I have become through all this. Most importantly, I gained an incredible mentor, idol, role model, trainer, coach, life coach but most importantly a true genuine friend. This man has done more than some of the “friends” I have had for years now and to me that speaks volumes. I'm so stoked for the future ahead of us. Love you big Bro and thank you for everything!
• Lou Formato, Age 31, New York I've been going to the gym for over 10 years, so I felt I knew my way around the weight room very well. I thought I ate healthy and considered myself in decent shape. However, in March of 2016 I decided I wanted something more. I stepped on the scale to see 268 lbs, which wasn't bad for someone who is 6'4'' and could bench over 400 lbs. But, I knew I had great potential. On March 28th, I began my journey with Anthony and couldn't be happier. Since following his program, I've dropped over 40 lbs of fat, my strength is through the roof, and I feel amazing. Anthony helped me find potential I never knew I had. His overwhelming concern and commitment to his clients is awesome! He's available to answer any seemingly "dumb questions" I've had. I look forward to his continued support and cant wait to see where we can take my body.
• Ricky Schwartz, Age 27, NYC I came to Ant looking to take my training to the next level by adding muscle and maintaining speed, without increasing body fat. I had been working out religiously without seeing much progress both on my own and with personal trainers. Ant identified what was wrong with my current regimen and put me on a diet and training program. During our time working together, I added about 10 pounds of lean muscle mass. We tweaked the diet and workouts to make sure I was getting enough calories from the proper macronutrient balance at the right time to lift weights and do the speed and agility training I like while still gaining size. More importantly, we discussed the science and reason behind his decisions. Ant was very hands on. Any time I had a question he answered almost immediately. While his programs are meant to be followed strictly, life happens. As long as I communicated to him, he helped me get back on track with workouts or meal issues. I now have a new approach on how to train and diet effectively that I can carry forward once my time is up. In a field with many fakers and con artists, Ant stands out as someone who truly cares about helping you reach your goals and retraining your approach to fitness in a sustainable way.


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Anthony Tedesco

Contact me directly with all inquiries pertaining to your health, performance, and physique goals and what I can do to help you best achieve them. I will respond to you within 48 hours (but typically much faster) and gladly answer any questions you may have! Thanks -Ant

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